Want to help Indie Game Riot enable the evolution of gaming? Help us make this community an even more amazing place by lending your talents to the website and the show! Currently all positions are on a volunteer basis only (unless you want to get paid in peanuts) but there are a bunch of perks! Plus, there’s always a chance that we may eventually commission you once we have a steady financial income or you could use anything you do here in your resume. If you’re interested in any of the positions below, fill out this form. After the application is submitted, make sure to email josh@indiegameriot.com with your name and examples of your previous work. If we decide to add you to our team, a form will be sent asking you to agree to various terms and conditions. Only serious inquiries please! Here’s some details:

The Perks:

  • Possible free games
  • Exposure for any game/website/etc.
  • Additional content to add to your portfolio
  • A chance to be eventually commissioned on a regular basis as the site and show grow
  • Hangout with the IGR crew, play games and see how we do things behind the scenes (Maybe even be on the show!)
  • Have a say in which indie games will be featured on Indie Game Riot, helping them become the next big thing
  • Become a respected member the growing IGR family and be responsible for a part in making the indie game scene an even more amazing place!


We’re Looking For:

Writers – Do you have great writing skills? Do you have time to consistently write articles around 500 words long or more? Most importantly, do you love indie games and the community that revolves around them? If your answer is yes, consider writing for Indie Game Riot! We’re looking for article writers covering games ranging from fully released on PC and console to games in Early builds and crowdfunding stages and even to mobile and free games found online. We also need writers to cover news and events as well as those with a knowledge of the game development process to write helpful articles for aspiring devs.

Artists – Skills in graphic design? How about cartooning? We’re need talented artists to help us make various graphics, T-shirt designs and even things like webcomics!

Video Editors – We need someone who can meet deadlines. Each episode of Indie Game Riot needs to be edited with quality and efficiency. Shows are almost always recorded on Fridays and shows will be expected to be ready for release by 10am the following Monday. A sense of humor is a must as editors will be adding in flavor text, graphics, lower thirds, and have good timing when cutting up the video file. We are also looking for someone who is able to create high quality, professional looking “bumpers” to be cut in between our segments and for our intro and outro. We may be needing editors for special projects like convention coverage, Patreon videos and possible future ideas from time to time. Proficiency in Adobe software is preferred.

Animators – We would love to host multiple kinds of media on Indie Game Riot (all pertaining to indie games, of course), and one major platform we’d like to introduce is animation! We’re looking for people who can consistently deliver animations from the show’s best moments, as well as original cartoons revolving around indie games! A great sense of humor and timing would be great and many bonus points to those who are big fans of our show and have a lot of love for indie games.

Moderators – This position will always be a volunteer position. As we grow, many of our audience members show huge amounts of support and loyalty to IGR. If that’s you and you want to give support in an even more critical way, we are on the look out for trustworthy and fair moderators for various IGR community hubs such as Steam, Reddit, live show chat and eventually forums.

Any Other Talents? Feel free to fill out the form linked above and let us know what you believe you can bring to the table! if we feel the same way, we might bring you on!