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Check out all of these fantastic presentations during IRX, July 14th through the 16th on Twitch.TV!


“Legal Info for Indies”

Suzanne Jackiw & Ross A. Hersemann | Loading Law

This panel presents an overview of important legal information for game developers, based around a series of questions and answers. Questions from the audience are encouraged, but only if informational and not seeking advice.



“On Press by Press”

Jacob Wood | Indie Hangover

Discussion of tips, tricks, and missteps in contacting press as an Indie Developer. Focusing on three parts: Press Releases/Emails, Booths and Follow Ups.



“Dealing with Immersion”

Mark Gregory | Freesphere Entertainment

Immersion is a large field to cover in video game design. I believe by following some simple rules you can help enhance your players experience from a first person perspective.



“The Business of Developing Games”

Raju Das | Corgi Cannon

A discussion on the business and financial side of video game development.




“Confessions of a Console Gamer”

Eric M. Hunter 

An inside look at what a gamer looks for in video games, best practices to attract one of the largest gaming groups today: console gamers, and how to get them to play and talk about your indie game.




“Pursuing Your Own Path”

Jessica Fong & Sal V. Cloak | Lonely Egg

Lonely Egg Studio and friends from all backgrounds of game development discuss pursuing personal projects and endeavors. This is an open round table and Q&A, topics include personal experience, business, marketing, strategies, and banter on the current state of the entrepreneurial landscape.



“Torschlusspanik: Closing Doors in Game Design”

Dean Razavi | Razbury Games

Long before there was FOMO, the Germans coined the phrase “Torschlusspanik” to refer to the existential dread of knowing that, as time passes, you will miss more opportunities in life. The feeling is demonstrated any time a player refuses to leave a dungeon until exploring its secrets, when assigning irrevocable stat points, or being forced to make an important plot decision. We’ll talk about how to effectively create that sensation in games, when to capitalize on it, when to avoid it, and how it can be an effective tool in your game design toolkit.



Indie Game Riot

“The Indie Game Riot Podcast: IRX17 Edition (Ep. ?)”

Josh, Tek & Rev | Indie Game Riot

We’ll cover our personal favorite panels & games from IRX17!