July 13th through July 15th Starting at 10AM to 9PM EST Live on Twitch.TV!

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What is Indie Revolution Expo?

Indie Revolution Expo is a 100% free digital indie game convention presented by Indie Game Riot! The purpose of the expo is to share the spirit of creativity and support that the indie game community is so well known for.

IRX does this by:

  • Exhibiting games, giving the game developers an additional platform to garner attention for their projects while also gaining feedback from attendees.
  • Presenting a wide variety of panels. IRX is always on the lookout for panels about gaming culture, game development workshops, entertaining performances and more!
  • Having a dedication to inclusivity and positivity. IRX wants to make sure that panels and games presented are varied in content while maintaining a safe place for all kinds of panelists, developers and guests alike.
  • Hosting an event that is accessible to everyone. This is a free event and no one even has to travel since it’s hosted on Twitch.TV! IRX also makes a point to do their best to accommodate disabilities. If there is anyway IRX can do better for you or someone you know who may need additional accommodations, please email with the issue and possible solution and every attempt to solve the problem will be made.

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