Looking for a way to contact us? Well here you go! Choose the email that best fits your reason for wanting to get a hold of us.

  • General Contact – For those of you who want to just talk to us about whatever! Suggestions, comments, shenanigans and anything that doesn’t need to go to any of the other email addresses: contact@indiegameriot.com
  • Indie Devs – Are you an indie developer or anyone that has any part in making an indie game? Want to show off your work, request a write-up, a feature on the show or maybe an interview? Let us know here: devs@indiegameriot.com
  • Questions or comments regarding Indie Revolution Expo? Email us at IRX@indiegameriot.com
  • Advertise With Us – Have a game, business, website or anything else that you would like advertised on Indie Game Riot? Contact us and let’s have a chat! advertising@indiegameriot.com

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