Mutant Year Zero | Odd Realm | Frost Runner (Indie Game Riot – Ep. 165)

This episode of The Indie Game Riot Podcast we talk about:
– IRX19 (0:14:51)
– Celeste DLC (0:16:45)
– Paradox buys Prison Architect (0:19:00)
– Hollow Knight sequel (0:22:25)
– First 3D game by Wadjet Eye (0:24:50)
– Subnautica: Below Zero (0:31:00)
– Zach-Like (0:36:31)
– Mutant Year Zero (0:42:54)
– Odd Realm (0:51:21)
– Frost Runner (0:58:30)

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Starting The Riot –
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Free Fun/Going Mobile –

Check out these links to everything featured in the show!
– IRX19:
– Celeste DLC:
– Paradox buys Prison Architect:
– Hollow Knight Sequel:
– Wadjet Eye making 3D game:
– Subnautica: below Zero:
– Zach-like:
– Mutant Year Zero:
– Odd Realm:
– Frost Runner:

There are 2 comments for this article
  1. BrianStingly at 6:14 pm

    I’ve been playing Year Zero since heard about it in your show. I must admit, it’s a pretty addictive game, but it is awesome nevertheless!

  2. LaExploradora at 9:48 pm

    I adored the visual style of Celeste. Good to know they’re expanding the game with DLC. I’m gonna go play another pixelart marvel that is FEZ

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