Vidar Update: Caught In Your Web – Razbury Games DevBlog (4/3/17)

Hi friends!

How exciting, it’s our first huge content patch since the Early Access launch! I just wrapped up playing through the entire game on this recent patch, and I gotta say, the Dark Cave is feeling full now. I have no doubt that your quest journal will be loaded with plenty of quests to do here now, no matter who dies!

And that quest journal has a new and sexy UI! With all of that said, let’s get into some patch notes <3

Dean is the head of Razbury Games, developer of Vidar, an RPG Puzzler Where Everyone Dies. Play it on Steam, and keep in touch with twitter.



  • A new menu interface has been added
  • Inventory has been reenabled in town; items that have a cave-specific effect cannot be used while in town
  • A directory has been added to the journal. Use this to review the faces, sprites, and bios of each person in town whom you have met. The directory also keeps track of who is alive and dead. Villagers will not be shown in the directory until you meet them, and the directory is not available until and unless you get the journal.
  • Fonts have been adjusted throughout
  • Fixed a crash at the ending if Piri, Barnabas and Cecilia are dead AND Borbalo or Bernadett are alive

Puzzles & Maps

  • New Mechanic (Water Cave): Retractable Bridges
  • New Mechanic (Water Cave): Floating Crates
  • New Mechanic (Water Cave): Waterwheel Switches
  • New Side Puzzle Room (Water Cave): Spiders’ Lair
  • Five new puzzle options have been added to the Ruins
  • Spiders can now be killed with hookshot
  • Spiders pooping out cobwebs has been updated: they cannot spawn in nonpassable places, and are random rather than guaranteed
  • Torch dialogue has been updated to reflect that it cannot be lit with flint and steel
  • The map tool now properly shows the layout for all water cave rooms
  • Pulling a red-based mirror with a party member now works correctly
  • Fixed a crash in the Ice Cave Waypoint
  • Fixed a crash in Puzzle 70


  • New Town Event: Venom. Spiders lurk in Katarina’s tunnel.
  • New Quest: A Test Of Leadership. Adorjan’s message to Arpad was loud and clear.
  • New Quest: Music To My Ears. Mihaly isn’t the only one interested in the Boy King’s music box.
  • New Quest: Vigil. Borbalo wants to hold a Church service.
  • New Quest: Make It Work. Arpad is ready to help.

Dr. Spore

  • Some journal update fixes

Hunting Party

  • Fixed a bug where Groa would never let you leave the Wolves’ Den
  • Completing this quest now adds to Csaba’s charity value

Man’s Best Friend / Boy’s Best Friend

  • Groa and Tomi will not get caught in dialogue if you complete this quest before they give it to you

Reading is Fundamental

  • This quest now properly fails if you give away “Well Read” before entering the library

Sketched Out

  • Sketching is disabled if Szabina is dead
  • Fixed a crash in Szabina’s reminder dialogue
  • Szabina will now collect the sketches and quill after completion of this quest

Spirit Walk

  • Fixed a bug where you could only teleport to a grave once

The Second Son

  • Regardless of what happens, the cave leading to this puzzle will clear on Day 3


  • This quest now properly fails if you give away “Well Read” before entering the library


  • This quest now properly fails if you give away “Well Read” before entering the library
  • Janika now spawns in the room if she’s attending the Wake


  • Removed an autosave from the 2nd floor of the inn
  • Fixed a bug where inn residents were not appearing on the second floor at the start of a day

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