Vidar Update: A Way Forward – Razbury Games DevBlog (2/28/16)

Hi friends!

This week I took a break from bug fixes to work on some new content for Vidar, because it’s always nice to have more game to play. This week, we’re ready to preview how “Make it Work” will, well, work.

This quest is designed to do a few things:

  1. Move along Arpad’s “leadership” plot. In case you’ve missed it, there’s a window for Arpad to get a message from a long-dead friend about needing to step up and be the hero of Vidar. Currently, after you deliver that message, Arpad’s plot kind of stalls; he won’t give you anymore quests, he’ll rarely participate in others, and he won’t even give you a reward for “Bury the Hatchet.” So rude!
  2. Give you one more opportunity to reach the Wolf Cave. The further along we get in the cave, the less likely any given quest will be available to you. With it currently taking an average of 5 days to reach the Dark Cave, and with very few people doing the prerequisite quests by then to reach the Wolf Cave (either “Scared of Shadows,” or both “Bring Him Home” and “Man’s Best Friend”) I wanted an easier-to-complete but rarer-to-obtain prereq path to reach this cave.
  3. Provide earlier access to the Sprint Shoes. Currently, Piri is the only way to get this much-coveted tool, and you have a narrow window to get them from her in the Water Cave. It felt a little penalizing. Moreover, they’re at their most useful in the Dark Cave, when you’re racing to light torches. Placing them as a possibility earlier in the game made sense.

And so, if you happen to be pushing Arpad along his leadership plot, you’ll have the opportunity to get “Make it Work” in two different ways. First, if you happen to have “Den of Darkness” but Etel doesn’t join you in entering the Wolf Cave, Arpad will step up to join you instead. Trade a coward for an indecisive hero? I’m not sure it’s any better, but it’s something. Second, if you can’t get either “Scared of Shadows” or “Hunting Party” (the two current paths into the Wolf Cave), then Arpad will offer the quest to you as well.

Arpad has some extra tools up his sleeve in the Wolf Cave, and can be used in ways to make the puzzle a little bit easier. People trying to avoid Etel’s….lack of usefulness…might angle to try to get the quest this way instead.

“Make it Work” is one of 4 new quests we’re adding in the upcoming patch, hopefully you’ll find it rounds out our game a little bit more!

In addition to new quests, we’ve got some new mechanics cropping up in the Water Cave. Generally speaking it’s been a good idea to try to “drain” each map to move forward, in order to reach levers etc. That’s not a safe assumption anymore:

​We’ll have more previews ready for you next week!

​- Dean

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