Riot of the Year 2016 Winner!

A big congratulations to Concerned Ape, the creator of the hugely successful Stardew Valley!

Stardew Valley was created by one person under the name of Concerned Ape. It was originally an hevaily inspired homage to games like Harvest Moon, but it eventually grew into something much more as the developer continued to add his inspired ideas to make it his own. The addiciting and relaxing gameplay has seen over two million owners on Steam alone, outselling some of the biggest AAA blockbusters.  Chucklefish, one of the larger indie publishers eventually picked it up, helping spread the game en mass. It was released February 26th, 2016 on Steam.

Stardew Valley joins Endless Legend (2014 Winner) and Prison Architect (2015 Winner) as our best indie game of the year award recipients and will receive our badge and our signature trophy made from an actual riot shield!

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