Vidar Update: Bound and Determined – Razbury Games DevBlog (12/6/16)

Hi friends!

This week I’m pushing a new patch to primarily address one thing: key-bindings are now in the game. In theory, you should have a lot more flexibility when it comes to your input. This includes resetting your keyboard keys to something more comfortable, remapping an XBox Controller, and switching between a keyboard and controller profile. Previously, if a controller was plugged in, you could not use they keyboard whatsoever. That restriction has been lifted.

Candidly, I found the keybinding process to be incredibly difficult. I’m not terribly familiar with the Win32 API, or reading inputs from the keyboard. I’m proud of what was done, but this took longer than I was hoping. I’m crossing my fingers I can make up some time down the road this week.

Speaking of plans for the week, expect yet another patch next week which cleans up some bugs in the Final Confrontation before we all leave for vacation.

Additional bug fixes are also incoming, they’re getting pretty nuanced now!


A Little Something

  • This is now a time-limited quest

Clearing The Way

  • Added dialogue for Dorottya and Katarina as they are about to dig the tunnel
  • Added dialogue for Dorottya and Katarina on completion of the tunnel, regardless of whether the quest is complete
  • Fixed Katarina’s clipping issue when choosing the tunnel as a reward
  • Fixed pathing issues inside the tunnel
  • Replaced the entrance to the tunnel with a rope, and included climbing animations

Dr. Spore

  • Gusztav is no longer so greedy; he’ll only take 10 mushrooms if you tell him he can’t have more

Light in the Darkness

  • Robert actually takes the Bright Flower from you now
  • Using the last Bright Flower before completing this quest now appropriately updates your journal

Spirit Walk

  • Completing this quest will now anger Bernadett (doesn’t everything?)
  • Piri’s dialogue on completion has been updated to make the reward for this quest clearer

The Second Son

  • Fixed a corner case related to the completion cutscene that would appear strange if you left the workshop then immediately went back inside.


  • Added keybinding configuration. You can reach it from the Options menu
  • Added controller and keyboard profiles; you can switch between using an XBox controller and a standard keyboard in the Options menu. This means you can still use the keyboard even if a controller is plugged in.
  • Added various non-text tutorials
  • Fixed various passage issues in town
  • The Church will not close its doors if you have the Ice Cave Waypoint
  • Cecilia’s House will not close if you have the Dark Cave Waypoint

Dean is the head of Razbury Games, developer of Vidar, an RPG Puzzler Where Everyone Dies. Pre-order it on the website to play it right now, and keep in touch with twitter.

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