Maize | HighRisers | Goofy Monsters (Indie Game Riot – Ep. 112)

This episode of The Indie Game Riot Podcast we talk about:
– Riot of the Year 2016 award nominees (0:09:10)
– Star Citizen devs sharing development schedules (0:10:03)
– Outlast 2 adult diapers (0:15:26)
– No Man’s Sky “Foundation Update” (0:19:38)
– The Game Awards 2016 (0:23:39)
– Shovel Knight prequel (0:31:10)
– Ludum Dare (0:32:30)
– Indie Box unboxing (0:33:51)
– Maize (0:41:37)
– HighRisers (0:52:39)
– Goofy Monsters (0:59:16)

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– Vote for Riot of the Year 2016!:
– Star Citizen dev updates:
– Outlast 2 diapers:
– No Man’s Sky update:
– The Game Awards 2016:
– Shovel Knight prequel:
– Ludum Dare:
– Indie Box:
– Maize:
– HighRisers:
– Goofy Monsters:

There are 4 comments for this article
  1. gamer at 7:56 am

    The show was quite good but it had a bit of misinformation about the development of Star Citizen. They has been very open during the whole development process and their latest internal status report is just one step further.

    You can check their updates in:

    Also considering how enormous and complex the game is four year is not very much. You have to remember that four years includes building up the company as big it is now and that they are working on two games (Star Citizen and Squadron 42) at the same time.

    • Josh Musser Author at 2:05 pm

      I think the concerns come from the reports of disorganization coming from within the company. As far as how long it takes, I have no problem with it taking a while if it means getting everything done and polished. It’s just the scope of the game that’s worrisome. So far, every game that’s attempted to reach such a huge scale has fallen short. Trust me when I say we REALLY hope it turns out in the end. We’re definitely routing for them!

      Thanks for the comment and hope to maybe see you at one of our live recording sessions!

      • gamer at 11:58 am

        It is always good to have healthy amount of skepticism what comes to games these days.

        It’s pretty hard to find a media that is middle of fanboys and bashers but bases their information and opinions on facts. A set of articles Kotaku published some time ago were pretty good – thanks to research they made – but unfortunately otherwise the news about Star Citizen is concentrated to “scandals” and clickbaity headlines.

        You are right, CIG had some growing pains and they had to make changes to improve communication between their four offices. Communication problems also lead problems with IllFonic and that’s why Star Marine got late so badly. Things has been calm now after changes they made and the game is progressing nicely.

        Here is a list of information they publish (excluding chat, forums, reddit, …):
        – Three weekly video shows every week. One of them is live show (RtV – Reverse the Verse) where supporters can asks questions from the developers.
        – Special shows like “Subscriber’s Town Hall”
        – Weekly lore-post
        – Monthly studio report

        Here’s the schedule for this week:

        Following Around the Verse in Thursdays and monthly reports should keep you quite well in touch what is going on with the project.

        At the moment the developers are a bit less active in chat, forums and reddit because of Holiday live-stream next week and Alpha 2.6 release but otherwise they are active. Sometimes developers takes part of Bar Citizen events as well –

        The first testing group (Evocati) is now testing Alpha 2.6 and a second group (Wave 1) is going to get it on their hands any day now. Alpha 2.6 is a big step forward but Alpha 3.0 is going to be enormous and a point where we will see how many of core technologies they have been working on merges together.

        The timezone differences could be a bit problem but maybe I could visit your live recording session some day.

        Keep up good work!

        • Josh Musser Author at 2:04 pm

          Thanks for the info! I think we’ll share it on the upcoming episode in case people want to take a look.

          Time zones suck, but i’m glad you can at least check out the recorded versions. :)

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