Vidar Update: Cleanup Crew – Razbury Games DevBlog (10/10/16)

Hi friends!

Back from a really excellent vacation abroad, and excited to tackle some more on Vidar. We’re spiraling frantically towards Early Access, and the past few weeks focused on:

  • Artistic modifications to continue to make the game feel more responsive;
  • Bug fixes forever
  • The first new content patch

I’m by no means an artist, but I’m pretty proud of some of the modifications I was able to make to the Stranger to get a few more animations possible.



With more testers, more bugs in the early part of the game are being reported – ranging from small little nits in the text to crashes in some of the rarer quests. Those have been addressed, and, mercifully, the Continue screen now opens *much* faster.
Finally, a great deal was done on the upcoming Content Patch (which will include the Library) – while it won’t be ready for release for a few more weeks, it’s nearly done and feeling like a really fun puzzle :)
For those who like things in list form, here you go!

Alpha Build


  • Journal entry fixes
  • Fixes to cutscene when receiving “Bury the Hatchet”
  • Fixed a crash when receiving “Hair of the Dog”
  • The entrance to the wolf cave now spawns
  • You will not be given the option to bless graves for “Faith in the Dead” if that quest is already failed
  • Ghosts will no longer gab while the option to enter a side-room is pending


  • Added shadows to the Church back room
  • Fixed passage issues in and around the castle ruins
  • Continued cleaning graphics issues in Erik’s cave
  • Time now freezes in the Dark Cave Waypoint
  • The UI correctly displays when entering the cave from a waypoint, and displays on Day 1
  • Tint is properly removed if coming from the Ice Cave or Boulder Cave into the Dark Cave or Water Cave
  • Fixed a passage issue in the back of Cecilia’s house
  • The tool UI appropriately displays in the waypoints (so you can use the Dark Cave waypoint)
  • Fixed a graphical glitch related to the lightpillar
  • Szabina now moves around in the castle ruins
  • Climbing rope animation has been added; changed the functionality of ropes slightly to be more intuitive and graphically interesting
  • Added the weather effect for real-real in the Ruins this time
  • Added music to the Ruins
  • Torches in the imp cave now use the lantern (like all other torches in the game)
  • Brought the flicker on the torches in the imp cave down a little
  • Footprint icons now will no longer hang over the edge of cliffs
  • Fixed the back lights in the Hospital, Seamstress’s Shop, and Barnabas’s House
  • Borbalo knows where the back room of the Church is now, he’s less likely to get confused
  • Statues will now no longer allow you to activate them if it would cause you to drown


  • Item description fixes
  • Added animations for falling
  • The Save/Load/Continue screen should load much faster now

A pretty egregious bug has been found in the Mac build, so sadly no additional Steam key distribution for now – but give it a hot second and we’ll get there!

See ya next week!
– Dean

Dean is the head of Razbury Games, developer of Vidar, an RPG Puzzler Where Everyone Dies. Pre-order it on the website, and keep in touch with twitter.

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