Vidar Update: Alpha 7 – Razbury Games DevBlog (9/6/16)

It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here! This patch is a doozy, it includes a lot of fixes to various crashes, an additional quest with Vidar’s littlest villager, and all of the improvements to the look and feel of the game. Most importantly, however, it has the ending. So, spoiler alert, if you’re not quite ready to confront the Beast, turn back now.

Bonfire 1

The final confrontation takes place in the Ruins of Old Vidar, deep beneath the town. New mechanics and puzzles have been introduced for that section. Plenty of cutscenes have been added to increase the intensity.

Alpha 7 (v.


  • Lightpillars now have hover notifications and appropriately block the hookshot when set to “on”
  • Lightpillars now act as sufficient pressure to activate a pressure plate
  • Lightpillars slip on ice when push or pulled
  • Moveable mirrors now act as sufficient pressure to activate a pressure plate
  • Moveable mirrors slip on ice when push or pulled
  • Gargoyles can now slip on ice
  • New Biome: Ruins
    • Added 12 new puzzles in the Ruins
  • A cold snap has arrived in other parts of the cave
  • Cobwebs now spawn correctly outside of the Dark Cave
  • Bridges now spawn correctly outside of the Water Cave
  • Boulders on lightbridges will fall and disappear once the bridge turns off


  • New Quest: “The Name Game.” Get it from Tomi after day 18.
  • Added about two dozen new cutscenes!
  • Fixed some issues with returning “The Second Son”


  • Fixed a lot of bugs related to Water Cave spawning
  • Fixed the ladder in the Castle Ruins


  • A ton of screenshake
  • A ton of particle effects
  • A ton of light effects
  • A ton of fog
  • A ton of screen flash
  • A ton of beautification effort
  • Fish no longer climb stairs
  • Fish correctly reset when resetting a Water Cave puzzle
  • Fixed a crash related to UI sprite disposal
  • Fixed a crash related to day completion

As for all the rest, 5 Steam keys went out this week. I had hoped to get the Mac build out as well, but we’ve discovered a memory leak in that version, so I’m holding it back another week.

This week will be focused on getting the new trailer video ready, so it’s unlikely I’ll have a substantial patch ready by Tuesday. Fear not; I’ll be releasing additional optimizations in September, and then additional content will start coming in October!

– Dean

Dean is the head of Razbury Games, developer of Vidar, an RPG Puzzler Where Everyone Dies. Pre-order it on the website, and keep in touch with twitter.

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