Vidar Update: Juiciest – Razbury Games DevBlog (8/30/2016)

Hi friends!

This week marked the conclusion of an effort to clean up the cave maps, and really make them feel more dynamic and more alive. Hopefully these puzzles will pop as much as the town now. Here’s the progress made this week:

  • Players can no longer latch onto Gargoyles that are on the ice
  • Fixed various bugs related to Water Cave puzzles which use ice as a floor
  • Camera correctly centers on Puzzle 73
  • You can no longer walk over depowered lightbridges in the Ruins
  • Fixed the height of various wall switches in the Ruins
  • Fixed some graphics drawing in Puzzle 70Ice Cave Juice
  • Replaced the low-ground hookshot posts in Puzzle 72 with blocks
  • Fixed a switch flip in Puzzle 74
  • Boulders on lightbridges will fall and disappear once the bridge turns off
  • Fixed various graphics glitches in Puzzle 76
  • Added significant visual improvements to the Ice Cave, including light, animated tiles, tinting, particle effects, etc.
  • Added various screen flashes and screen shakes
  • Added a significant cut scene before the beginning of the Ruins
  • New Quest: “The Name Game,” received from Tomi in late-game

Another 12 steam keys were sent out this week. Becca is nearing completion of our new title screen, and I really can’t wait to see that in game. We’ll see v next week, so I have a lot of bug fixes to do in the meantime!

Dean is the head of Razbury Games, developer of Vidar, an RPG Puzzler Where Everyone Dies. Pre-order it on the website, and keep in touch with twitter.

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