Vidar Update: Juice – Razbury Games DevBlog (8/16/16)

Hi friends!

Still no new patch this week as the final puzzles get locked into place, but here’s what I’ve been working on:

  • Added 6 new puzzles
  • Cobwebs now spawn correctly outside of the Dark Cave
  • Bridges now spawn correctly outside of the Water Cave
  • Lots of screenshakes have been added
  • The town of Vidar seems to shut down down more as people die off

So that’s exciting. On the art front, Becca continues to work on the title screen. We’ve got some snow now!

The Mac client is looking pretty dang stable right now, and we’ve figured out all of the Steam necessities to distribute. There are one or two glaring bugs that I’d like to remedy this coming week, but we’re on track to start distributing keys to Mac users by the end of the month.

16 more Steam keys went out to Kickstarter backers this week. What’s better, the first five direct download launchers went out to backers. They’re testing it out and taking Vidar for a spin sans-Steam; once I know that patching is happening reliably, more and more people will get those as well.

Finally, we’re going to be getting back into RPG Maker VX Ace tutorials around these parts soon. Stay tuned!

Dean is the head of Razbury Games, developer of Vidar, an RPG Puzzler Where Everyone Dies. Pre-order it on the website, and keep in touch with twitter.

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