Vidar Update: Coldsnap – Razbury Games DevBlog (8/8/16)

Hi friends!

I’m working on integrating the final dramatic cutscene into the alpha. While I was hesitant to include it initially for fear of spoilers, the time has finally come. This week was a fair amount of preparation for that – designing finale puzzles, fixing corner cases, all that fun stuff.

I anticipate it’ll be at least another week, probably 2, before these are fully in the game. So, while these changes were made this week, no patch has been pushed to Steam:

  • Lightpillars now have hover notifications and appropriately block the hookshot when set to “on”
  • Lightpillars now act as sufficient pressure to activate a pressure plate
  • Lightpillars slip on ice when push or pulled
  • Moveable mirrors now act as sufficient pressure to activate a pressure plate
  • Moveable mirrors slip on ice when push or pulled
  • Added 4 new puzzles
  • A cold snap has arrived in additional parts of the cave

Plus one additional change for the Mac and Linux builds:

  • Fixed a bug related to animation of water in the Water Cave

Additionally, Becca Bair has been hard at work on the title screen and “box art” for the game. Here’s the WIP!


We’ll see this in-game in a few weeks as well.

Finally, I’ll be streaming development of Vidar on Monday, August 15 from 10:00 a.m. – 1 p.m. Eastern, and every Monday at that time from here on out. Check it out at!

40 more Steam keys went out to Kickstarter backers this week. See you on Twitch next week!

Dean is the head of Razbury Games, developer of Vidar, an RPG Puzzler Where Everyone Dies. Pre-order it on the website, and keep in touch with twitter.

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