IndieCade! IndieCADE!! INDIECADE!!! (Part 2)

Alright, I’m done with the real world for a while and am returning to IndieCade for a mini-vacation.


After the first panel (I promise, I’ll go back and add links to the video after getting them to Josh), I realized that we didn’t have batteries to last (seriously, four double-A batteries was worth about 60 minutes of video recording), so I ran over to a nearby shop and bought a twenty-eight pack.

But, traffic sucks so by the time it was all swapped out, it was time for another panel called “Pillow Talk”.


We’re all interested in pillow talk!

I’ve got video (I promise, it’ll be linked) but it was a pretty interesting panel on intimacy in gaming. It ran the lists, covering things like the quasi-autobiographical How Do You Do It? by Nina Freeman (If you remember, this game was showcased at last year’s IndieCade) to the nearly-pornographic Stick Shift by Robert Yang to the table-top game Consentacle by Naomi Clark and how their games and philosophies allow people to explore sexuality and intimacy through gaming.

Side note: As I’m writing this, I’m reminded of one of the night-games that I played on Saturday that was very similarly themed… We’ll talk about it later.

It was an interesting conversation and I’m seriously wondering now if the video will do it justice.


Nina Freeman, Robert Yang, and Naomi Clark

After a brief stop to re-hydrate and put some calories in my system… we’re off to the IndieCade Village

We’re met at the entrance by a wonderful volunteer (known as the IndieCade NPC Squad) who checks to make sure everyone going in has a wristband or badge.


It’s the NPC SQUAD! (and Binary in the back there)

The crowds weren’t really big yet, since you know, people have jobs and school and such to distract them from gaming.


Look ma! No crowds!

Then we decided to check out Sponsor Row…


Sponsor Row – yeah, there’s the crowds

Since I’m just kind of scoping out the place, getting a feel for where everything is, I’m not too worried. We still have two and a half days. Boy was I being naive or what? Don’t worry, I end up hitting most of these later on.

But, I got sucked in by some seriously pornographic sounds coming from one of the tents.

I have to hand it to Jason of Loot Interactive. He knows how to attract interest to their setup.


Jason Sorensen, showing off a game in the Loot Interactive tent

These guys have a great idea. They focus on porting existing independent games to consoles (Playstation and Xbox) and have quite the library already. Including the game Electronic Super Joy by Michael Todd Games. It’s got moaning and groaning and that’s what brought me over.


Electronic Super Joy

And now my wife is telling me that I forgot to start dinner… so I’ll be back.

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