IndieCade! IndieCade! INDIECADE! (Part 1)

Where the hell do I begin?

Let’s start Thursday night. See, I leaned something last year and that is that you never want to find out that your vehicle has problems (or a flat tire) five minutes before you’re set to leave. Which means I spent Thursday evening packing my bags, testing the camera, making a list of the things I needed to purchase, quadruple-confirming that my hotel room was reserved, checking the car, etc.

Turns out my car was having some electrical problems. So I arranged an alternate car and we’re good to go.

Friday at bright-fuck early in the morning, I threw everything into the car, checked a few more times to make sure I didn’t forget anything and drove up.

Arrival wasn’t bad. We got there at 0800 and found a sweet parking spot in the parking structure right across the street from the IndieCade Village. Check in starts at 0930. So, we grabbed some breakfast to pass some time. That took 30 minutes.

I was so excited to be there I just couldn’t wait. I start to head over to the registration tent.


Friday – The Path to Registration


Inside the registration tent

I registered and received my press pass.


Press Pass

While standing around waiting for things to get started, someone handed me an invite to the PlayStation Keynote at the Ivy Theater (where a lot of panels are held) and I decided that we might as well head over.


Waiting for the PlayStation Keynote

They finally opened the doors and let us in.


Getting setup for the Keynote!


What we talkin’ about

I’ve got video of the keynote (and all the panels/classes I made it to, but I’m going to have to have Josh do some editing magic because they’re broken up into chunks will need to be uploaded properly).

And now my day-job is bothering me to “do the shit we pay you to do”, so I’m going to have to sign off for a bit. More to come!

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