Kira’s K-9 Charity Event


This weekend starting Friday October 23rd, Indie Game Riot will be streaming live from Kira’s K-9 charity LAN party. The event is being hosted by Tricky Wolf Gaming. Some of you may remember when Airii Cora joined us during one of our podcast episodes to talk about the cause and how supportive gamers are to each other in general.

During the event there will be LAN tournements, food, prizes and more. IGR will be there to support the event by streaming live and getting the word out in order to help a deserving woman a service dog to help out with her disability. We will also be streaming episode 69 Friday evening at our normal time complete with interviews with Kira, Airii and others as well as awesome indie games!

Please show your support by showing up during the stream (from 8pm EST to whenever Josh leaves that night) and donate if you are able!

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