Figure it out… Win a prize!


Like I said on my last post, I’m headed to #IndieCade15! I’m bouncing out of my place around bright-fuck early to head up to Culver City.

But, since I’m going to be gone for so much time, I figured it’d be a good idea to make sure that my house was in order. Which means I spent last night running all kinds of errands instead of sleeping like I should have been.

Why do you give a shit? Well, because there’s a contest involved now.

I’m going to give you a piece of information and you get to figure out what it’s for. First person (that isn’t Tek/Josh/other staff) to email me with the correct answer will win a prize.

Ready for your clue?

Are you sure?

Okay… you asked for it…


There you go. The hunt is on!

Update 28.10.15: This contest is over. There were a grand total of zero entries, but that’s okay. I’ll be updating again in the near future with info!

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