The Indie Game Riot Podcast! – Ep. 57: Indie Revolution Expo 2015

IGR 57

Hey there rioters!

Episode 57 along with** many of the game exhibits and panels from IRX15 are unfortunately unable to be uploaded onto our site. This is mainly due to the fact that we have huge video files that are (for some reason) downloaded as .swf files which is a format that is not supported by most editors. So, with the enormous file size, we have not been able to find a converter able to handle the load nor do we have an editor that is able to cut down the 12 to 13 hour video into its appropriate parts.

However, you all may still watch the entire three days of IRX15 on our Hitbox channel where the original videos are hosted. You will just have to skim through and find when the panel or exhibit you’re looking for took place.

We’re very very very sorry for the inconvenience, but we are taking this as a learning opportunity so we don’t make the same mistakes for IRX16!

Thanks for your understanding!


The IGR/IRX team


**Editor’s Note: Episode 57 of the Indie Game Riot will, hopefully, be released on the site, thanks to Tekedo having a clean recording of the episode.

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