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this war of mine

In the vast majority of titles with a war related theme, you fill the boots of an elite solider on a mission whose job is usually to ‘stop the bad guys’ from doing the ‘evil thing’. In This War of Mine, the heat of destruction and death is much closer to home, in a horribly literal sense that sadly affects millions of people worldwide.

Rather than allowing you to zip around a fallen city like it’s your personal shopping center, scrounging the supplies you require, This War of Mine brings you a much more powerful atmosphere that forces you to sometimes do terrible deeds to stay alive. This game sees you playing as a band of civilians trapped in a war-torn, apocalyptic city where you have to find ways to ensure the survival of the group by any means necessary. It’s a flawless mixture of gritty gameplay with the way you’re made to care about your party members and their mental or physically stability.

Many of the core mechanics are old ideas with a fresh twist. The crafting system for instance, is infinitely more interesting than the simple ‘torch’ and ‘alcohol’ items you see in many other survival systems. Characters with the right skills or know-how can fabricate anything to keep you afloat, including moonshine, which is good for drinking or molotovs.

Another huge part of how the game is played comes down to managing your characters well-being, making sure they don’t become too weak to work because of stress, or depressed because of trauma that they can’t move is crucial.

This War of Mine is an incredible experience, because while playing it you’ll question everything you do. What is morally right? How far you’re willing to go? Perhaps you will begin to understand just how harrowing war really can be.

Game info:

Platform(s): PC, Mac, Linux
Genres: Survival, Simulation
Price: 19.99
Release date: 11/14/2014
Publisher: 11 bit Studios
Developer: 11 bit Studios
Awards: None

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