How to Make a Game – Part 20: Gameplay, Graphics, and Design Theory

How to Make a Game – Part 20

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How to make a game pt20

Hello and welcome back to the latest in our series of “How To Make A Game”. For this week and the upcoming weeks we are going to look at some of the tips and techniques we are using for Boss 101‘s development. Specifically the gameplay, graphics and design theory employed in our systems.

Hats and Bullets!

This week we are talking about one of my to-date favorite touches we put in the game. Yep, you know it’s gotta be hats, but wait, there’s more! You know we have the ability to dress up your character with cool little hats which grant you benefits. Thing like more money, health or other secret things I can’t talk about here. Needless to say they are cool and can help you through the various bosses in the game.

One thing we decided to do was not only add in the ability for the hat to change your outward look but it also will affect the look of the bullets on the player’s main machine gun. The whole point of the system is to give you the player more bang for the buck when you buy a hat in the game. We want  you to get as much possible from you purchase and really feel like it was money well spent. We know a lot of times we fall in love with accessories in games and will wear them long after they have served their main purpose simply because they are cool to look at. Well, this is our way you make sure these hats are as cool to you (and us) as possible.

It’s all part of our plan to give you the best Boss 101 experience we can give you. We want to tell an awesome story so you have awesome stories to tell when you’re done playing!

Check it out.

Here we have NUTZ, one of the hats you can buy in the Hat Store. See that acorn thing? Well that is our current pass on the way this hat will alter your machine gun bullet.

Let’s see one of the first tests of this system in action shall we? Check him out just firing away here:

And then him against a Boss:

I think you can see this is a pretty dope system with a lot of cool upside. Can you imagine what all these hats might change your bullets into?

Boss Health Bars

It’s not all bosses and hats with the game. Sometimes you gotta dig into the little things to make sure everything gets polish. Check out the snazzed up boss health bars. These are just four of the six possible boss bars. The early ones worked, but the new ones give a much better impression of progression and differentiation. Heck, they just look cooler too!

We hope you like this look at the way things are shaping up during Boss 101‘s development.

Remember to always LIVE YOUR DREAMS!


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