RogueLight – Dungeon Raiding Has Never Been So Enlightening


In a deep, dark dungeon somewhere with a massive title hanging in fancy lettering above the first platform, there was a lone girl armed with nothing but a bow, a few arrows dipped in oil and her ability to jump very high. Her goal was simple though: to get as far down into the abyss as she could without being slaughtered by the droves of monsters that lurked within.

Much like its name suggests, RogueLight is a roguelike indie game that makes short work of players who possess short tempers or itchy trigger fingers. Every part of this game revolves around what you can and cannot see, then the choice to use your flaming arrows to either illuminate the path ahead or kill an enemy who’s coming at you.

The choice between using the partial lamp lighting around you or firing off arrows like there’s no tomorrow is crippling, because you’ll often find yourself wishing you had saved that last one for the winged devil that just ate your face.

Dying in one of the dungeon’s many levels is a staple part of the gameplay mechanics, as it gives you a chance to purchase upgrades afterwards in the ‘store’. By using the shiny coins you may have picked up on your ventures through the murky depths, this will give you an edge the next time you start over.

By using a mixture of skill, luck and in-game knowledge, you’ll begin to work your way through the layers of the dungeon slowly. However, to stop players from learning where everything is by heart, Daniel Linssen, the game’s creator, has included a random map changing feature that alters the dungeon each time you revisit it.

RogueLight is a (no pun intended) shining example of just how brilliant games can be when they only use minimal features. It balances hardcore platforming action with the satisfying feeling of even the smallest amount of progression .Everything works so well with everything in-game that it gives players the impression that even less could have been used and it still would been something unique to play.

Game info:

Platform(s): PC
Genres: Roguelike, Platformer, Action
Price: Free
Release date: 08/11/2014
Publisher: Daniel Linssen
Developer: Daniel Linssen
Awards: None

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