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When video games and poetry uncommonly cross over, it’s normally a huge turn-away for the vast majority of the community. Many people have no interest in classical or modern literary works. This should not be the case. Creative and passionate writing is one of the most powerful mediums we possess.

Elegy For A Dead World is a perfect example of how narrative storytelling can empower the player-character with ease. You play as an explorer on forsaken planets, whose primary mission is to document everything they see in a log. You’re given the liberty to interpret the landscape, buildings and structures however you please, leading to the real reason that this title is so unique in the first place.

The mechanics of this entire game allow every person who plays it to reach a different conclusion in the universe they are in. This is never quite the same as any other players. It only offers prompts for the player to write about an event or ‘thing’ that stands before them, and because you describe it in your own words, every tale is different.

Each of the three worlds available to explore are wholly different as well, meaning your journey through each one will be as wildly changed as the view point of others writing about the exact same things. Where one person would say “towering buildings” someone else might say “tall, looming monoliths” and it adds a level of community to the title.

Sharing your finished stories and letting others read them is also a feature that further brings players, and writers, together. You can even have your completed saga printed out in a real life book that acts a memento of your travels through the beautiful dead worlds.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, or don’t think you can even write, this game is willing to show you that writing something eloquent and brilliant doesn’t require hundreds of hours and a team of editors at your back. Instead, all you need is imagination, an understanding of English (in this case) and the will to try.

Game info:

Platform(s): PC, Mac, Linux
Genres: Exploration, Experimental
Price: 14.99
Release date: 12/10/2014
Publisher: Dejobaan Games, LLC
Developer: Dejobaan Games, LLC
Site: http://www.dejobaan.com/elegy

  • IGF Nuovo Honorable Mention
  • Game Developer Conference Experimental Gameplay Workshop Selection
  • Indiecade E3 2014 Showcase Selection
  • Indiecade 2014 Festival Selection

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