Six hours. That’s all that remains…


Hey internets,

It’s Rev. I feel really bad for missing the last few shows. And unfortunately, I’m going to be missing this week’s show as well.

But, it’s for a good reason. See, in about six hours from the time I post this, I’m on the road. I have a little trip I’m making out to Pennsylvania. Okay, that was slightly hyperbolic. It’s a long trip. Something like thirty-six hours of driving.

It is kind of exciting. There’s Ragnarok starting this Saturday. It’s the largest foam-fighting medieval combat event in the US. It has been running for thirty years. Yeah, you read that right. Ragnarok XXX – folks have been doing this longer than some of us have been alive.

And that’s awesomely exciting. But there’s something even more exciting. On Wednesday, I’m leaving the sword-fighting event (and all the drunken debauchery that goes along with it) and driving a couple of hours East. Where I get to meet my dad and my little sister in person, for the first time in my thirty-plus years of being alive.

But wait, there’s more! And as amazingly, awesomely exciting as that is, I’m leaving from meeting my dad on Friday morning and driving a few hours even further East. Where I’m going to be meeting up with my co-hosts Josh and Tek at Too Many Games! First time meeting them in person too! And we’re doing a panel Friday evening at 5:15 PM! How much more awesome can be packed into a single week?

Honestly, I don’t know if it’s possible. But, I’m looking forward to it and I’m looking forward to meeting as many of you as I can at Too Many Games. So, come join us – you’ll probably recognize the IGR shirts we’ll be wearing.

And if there’s enough interest, we can probably head to a bar after the panel and do a hang-out! (I really want to do this, so let’s make it happen).

I have to finish packing now. Got a long but amazing week ahead of me.

See you all soon.


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