Regency Solitaire – Putting the ‘Posh’ in Pish Posh

regency solCasual gaming hasn’t died, we must declare! Pip pip cheerios and all that, ol’ chap!

We’re probably not doing this right.

While we may not be able to act fancy enough to pass as British ladies and gentlemen, we can certainly pretend to be while playing the casual card game variant, Regency Solitaire.

The game starts with a introduction to the story woven into it. You take the role of Bella, who’s brother has gone and wasted their family fortune. Without her family’s fortune, no respectable man will want to marry Bella, which dashes her dreams of going to the ball and finding a rich, handsome potential husband. Her family has taken it upon themselves to set her up with their “odious” neighbor, Mr. Bleakly, instead. Fortunately, an opportunity arises that gives her the chance to gain back her and her family’s reputation. Who knew playing solitaire could get you so far in life!

While the game’s story may not be very progressive and actually pretty cheesy at times, Regency Solitaire does add a nice twist to the casual card game niche. The story is something that may pull you along, but to those who are especially into casual gaming, the mechanics of the game will hold your attention. The ability to “upgrade” Bella’s respectability which, aside from the aesthetic aspects, gives the player perks while playing the actual game.

The core mechanics are based on solitaire, but the game is a big variant from the game that you likely know. It plays more like the FreeCell version, but each and every level (there are many) is different. As the game progresses, new mechanics will be introduced such as having to find a key to open a lock covering one of the stacks of cards.

In the end, Regency Solitaire is a casual game through and through , but will keep most people’s interest as there are tons of levels, mechanics and of course the story aspect with upgrades. Find the game on several platforms for PC, including Steam, and become the rich, beautiful, card-playing regent you’ve always wanted to be.

Platform(s): PC
Genres: Casual
Price: 9.99
Release date: 05/18/2015
Publisher: Grey Alien Games
Developer: Grey Alien Games
Awards: None






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