The Forest – Don’t Go Down To The Woods Today

the forest

The ‘early access’ category is a staple part of Steam nowadays and the vast majority, if not all, of players will own games that fit into this criteria. While there have been some issues with updates and content delivered in the past, The Forest isn’t one of those games.

In seemingly a strange homage to BioShock, a lot of survival and horror games, both Indie and treble A, use an air plane crash in their opening minutes of gameplay. It’s nearly cliché but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t instantly put on edge by it. At the very beginning of The Forest, you’re thrown into a heart pounding, blazing mess that sets the tone for the rest of the game.

Your only objective? Survive in this bizarre wooded wilderness. Your means? Totally unknown to begin with. After raiding the remaining luggage cases and getting yourself inevitably acquainted with the locals, who are way too eager to talk about their cannibalistic tendencies, you really start to understand how lost you really are.

Aside from the basic crafting and surviving mechanics we all seem to know, love and breathe from games these days, The Forest manages to carve out its own identity from the sea of competitors through its use of horror.

Come around at night time or find yourself in a cave and you’ll witness exactly what we’re referring to. Its basically nightmare fuel at the best it can possibly be on the Unity engine, rendering shapes and forms that weren’t meant for human eyes. If what you see doesn’t freak you out slightly, then it’ll at least get you with a couple of well timed jump scares.

Taking into account the occasional bug and glitch that ranges in severity from random item loss to instant death, The Forest is an experience that you can really immerse yourself in, for better or worse.

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Game info:

Platform(s): PC, PS4 (TBA)
Genres: Survival, Horror, Sandbox
Price: 14.99
Release date: 05/30/2014
Publisher: Endnight Studios
Developer: Endnight Studios
Awards: None

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