The Escapists – Breaking Out Of A Real Prison Would Be Easier


Tired of not knowing what it’s like to be in a luscious 16-bit prison? Have you found yourself wanting to try your hand at modern escapism? Do you wish to be incarcerated without actually being incarcerated?

If answering yes to any of these odd questions, you should probably take the time to play The Escapists, a game that covers all criteria above. Then please go and re-evaluate why you spent time thinking about such bizarre questions.

This top-down, tactics infused puzzle game is all about getting out of certain high security prisons as quickly as possible.

There’s no lack of ways to escape either. You gradually learn of ways to get out like going through a side vent leading to the outside, or walking through the front while wearing a guard’s uniform or perhaps sneaking into the back of a delivery truck. By using wit, cunning, a lot of luck and countless attempts at the same tasks over and over, you’ll probably succeed eventually.

“Eventually” being the key term.

Trial-and-error techniques reign supreme in The Escapists, especially since random events can totally change the outcome of whatever grand plan you had all ready to roll. Other inmates could attack you, guards could do a spot search and so on, everything boils down to chance and your own ability to adapt.

To this end, The Escapists defines itself as a very pleasing game when you actually manage to beat it and escape the prisons. It’s really not for everyone, but it caters to gamers who don’t mind spending hours learning guards patrol routes or trying to get the materials for a shiv in order to escape.

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Game info:

Platform(s): PC, Xbox One, PS4
Genres: Strategy, Simulation
Price: 17.99
Release date: 02/13/2015
Publisher: Mouldy Toof Studios
Developer: Team17 Digital

  • Gamescom UK Game of the Show 2014

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