Risk of Rain – Hardcore Roguelike Platforming That Will Kill You

risk of rain

After surviving a catastrophic space shuttle crash, you emerge from your escape pod onto an unknown alien world where everything wants to kill you in a heartbeat. You’re alone and have no idea if anyone else survived. To add to your mounting troubles, with each passing second of gameplay Risk of Rain cranks up the difficulty all because you dawdled.

If that snippet doesn’t get your attention, nothing will.

This science-fiction themed roguelike platformer is a wholly unique gem. Your only objective is to activate the teleporter within the area you’re stuck in, then progress by killing an area boss and finishing off the remaining enemies.

In simple terms, it’s as if someone took the unforgiving concepts from Dark Souls, mixed in some old school platforming then threw it all together using stunning 8-bit art. Risk of Rain isn’t just a game that you play once and get frustrated at. It’ll make you tear at your hair because of the insane ‘time vs difficulty’ mechanic.

Even as you struggle to fight off mobs with seemingly infinite amounts of health and bosses that dwarf you in both strength and size, there’s a real sense of fun and achievement to this game and while you’re not trying to gun down half the wildlife population, you can sit back, although you’ll want to find a high ledge first, and enjoy the soundtrack.

You’ll enjoy this because it fits the game perfectly. The songs change from stage to stage, and you get the impression that each was tailored to a specific purpose. They manage to balance moody undertones with nearly futuristic vibrancy that really keeps you pumped while looting chests or blasting Golems.

Basically, if you like a challenge, platforming, 8-bit art, great music or gunning down hordes of creatures, then this is the game for you!

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Game info:

Platform(s): PC, Linux
Genres: Roguelike, Shooter, Platformer
Price: 9.99
Release date: 08/11/2013
Publisher: Chucklefish Limited
Developer: Hopoo Games
Site: www.riskofraingame.com

  • Independent Games Festival 2014 Student Prize
  • Indie Game Reviewer: Best of 2013
  • IndieCade 2014 Finalist

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