Eturnum – Free Retro Platforming Fun

Arcade cabinets are the gamer’s vinyl records, only harder to fit into your den. Eternum manages to capture the fun and challenge of 80s arcade platformers, while keeping it right at your computer screen. Best of all, it’s free!

You play as Sir Arthur; a homage to Ghosts and Goblins. After growing old, and with nothing left to live for, Sir Arthur goes to find artifacts which, when combined, will grant him eternal youth. Going deeper into the subterranean land of Samarnath, where no knight has come back from alive, Sir Arthur must collect, and fight his way through the 25 levels packed into this small download.

Eternum is true to it’s old roots, and the controls are not an exception. The jumping is a little loose, but still responsive. The control is some times floaty, but it still feels right. The combat is is quick and a little finicky, but that just brings up the difficulty. If you loved Ghosts and Goblins, don’t bother brushing off that old console, just play Eternum!
This free retro platformer is everything you need for a no-cost night of gaming fun. Download it here! 

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