Technobabylon – Old School Point and Click Perfection

Move aside SNES style games, the nostalgia train is pulling into point and click station, and it is not looking back. Technobabylon is a challenging cyberpunk themed point and click from Technocrat. Between the mind breaking puzzles, stunning art, and a thrilling story, this retro styled game manages to feel fresh and modern. You will not be able to turn this game off.

Technobabylon starts the player in the City of Newton, in the not so distant year of 2087. Technology has reached a stage where neural implants connect everyone to “Trance”, an addictive virtual paradise that lets people connect with technology and interact in the virtual world. As the game progresses, the player is exposed to the game world organically. Everything you learn is from playing the game, and learning from the perspective of the character you are playing at that time. The writing draws you to ask more questions, make natural human inferences, and learn about the world how you want to see it. As you progress, make decisions, and solve more puzzles, you are lead in the direction of your choices, and exposed to different perspectives of the fictional, but all to real world of 2087.

The staggering amount of choice this game gives to a player is, at first, misleading. The first puzzle seems as though it has one way of being solved, akin to more traditional point and click games, however there are a few directions that can be taken to achieve the same result. The way the player processes and interacts with the game world helps push them in the direction of the solution, which can and will be different between players, or game saves. The puzzle choice is not; however, the only choices you will have to make. Through dialogue with other characters in game, you not only learn the details of the world, but also effect how they interact with you. The choices you make have a large impact on your character, as well as those around you. Choices aren’t good or bad, but each have a consequence.


This slow paced journey through the distopian world that could be is a powerful experience that makes even the player wonder about their perspective and moral compass. In a landscape of games saturated with the guise of meaningful player choice, Technobabylon shines through as a testament to thrilling, meaningful, and insightful game play. Once you’re hooked in, it’s hard to unplug. Don’t get too addicted.

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