Not a Hero – Not Just Mindless Violence

…It’s ridiculously fun mindless violence!

Not a Hero is a fast paced Pixelated, 3D action shooter developed by Roll7, and published by Devolver Digital. The absurdest writing, well paced lighting fast combat, arcade style objectives, and secrets to boot, give this no-polly game a lot of soul, and plenty of staying power to punch it’s way to one of the most joy inducing games you have played all year. You play as one of a group of Bunnylord’s henchmen, tasked with cleaning up the streets to raise approval for Bunnylord’s campaign to become Mayor.

Almost all playable characters, each with their own unique play style, are unlocked once a certain approval rating is reached. You can shoot, shotgun, (Or should it be called Shot-FUN) stab, and execute bad guys as fast as you can pull the trigger. The smooth sliding and cover mechanics turn every floor into a war zone, forcing you to move fast, hide faster, and shoot those bad guys into a pixel pulp.

Sliding in Not a Hero is so intuitive and fun, that there is seldom a time where it’s use would be inappropriate. Just run, hold down the slide button, and glide like an action hero across the floor, shooting your guns if you are so inclined. Sliding can be fun, but sliding into cover is even better. Both you and your victims, use cover, with a clever AI working to make it as difficult as possible not to just slide up and execute them. Cover in this game is a great time to reload your guns, or gain some much needed space between you and the bad guys. You don’t want to be taking too many hits, or else you won’t be able to catch breakfast around the corner.

Although the gameplay is fun, the one feature that keeps Not a Hero game fresh are the objectives for each mission. “Don’t get Hit more than 3 times” or “Perform 5 executions” can turn a disjointed speed run into a skill based, tactical one. Even though they are not required to pass a level, the objectives give you a higher score at the end of the level, and ad a great deal of fun to the already amazing combat.

As for the secrets mentioned before, you will just have to find them out yourself; however, one of the silliest parts of the game comes on the character select screen. Move around the selection on the locked characters, and you can play musical notes with the background music. If that isn’t attention to detail, I don’t know what is!

So what are you waiting for? Go help Bunnylord become mayor by cleaning up the streets. Not a Hero can be found on Steam, GOG, and Humble for $12.99 US. At such a low price, there is no reason why this shouldn’t be the next thing in your steam library.

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