Basement – Running the Underbelly of Early Access


Breaking Bad fans rejoice!

Gamers now have the ability to become the drug lord (SPOILERS) Walter White wasn’t able to be. This is in spirit of course, because while Basement may have taken some inspiration for their concept from the critically acclaimed show, it is absolutely something unto its own.

After the development studio, Halfbus, raised $28,323 from a successful Kickstarter campaign, backers were finally treated to an Early Access release on Steam on April 30th 2015.

You are a scientist who has gone down a dark path. The story, as of yet, isn’t completely released so not much more is known after that. You begin to synthesize drugs in your basment. The more you sell and expand your business, the more interest you attract from the police. this leads you to hire guards. The guards have to be paid, of course, which means selling more drugs. You can’t sell drugs above ground so you clear out more areas around your basement and turn them into rooms like a security room with monitors or rooms specific to other kinds of drugs. Hire another “scientist” to make these new drugs which means you need more money which means… a viscous cycle until your downfall or escape.

With the release being so recent, there are a ton of missing features. Most notably, there is a complete lack of tutorial. Thankfully, the current gameplay is easy enough to figure out by just a bit of clicking around, but anyone looking for a complete game with instructions may want to wait for a more updated version. However, if you are willing to explore the game and help the developers make it the best it can be, purchase it! It’s going to be hours of entertainment when it’s complete.

Basement was featured in our lost episode 49.

Game Info:

  • Platforms: PC
  • Genres: Strategy, Simulation
  • Price: 8.99
  • Release Date: 04/30/2015 (Early Access)
  • Publisher: Halfbus
  • Developer: Halfbus
  • Site:
  • Notable Awards: None

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