Rockets Rockets Rockets – A Multiplayer Rocket Ballet


If you didn’t know, this game is about rockets.

This is yet another game in the multiplayer focused genre of indie games that has exploded with quality titles recently. However, Rockets Rockets Rockets differentiates itself from most other games in the same arena by giving the player some of the smoothest controls we have ever seen in an arena-combat game. Players will feel like their rockets are skating on ice, but have the control and precision of an Olympian figure skater.

Each rockets whips around the screen firing off other rockets and using additional power-ups. Sparks fly in brilliant colors that would keep the most apathetic stoner entertained for hours so even if there aren’t enough controllers to go around, it’s still a blast to watch (see what we did there).

If there aren’t any others to play with, the game also sports a single player mode that still makes the player feel just as much of a bad ass to the point of making them confident enough to apply for a position at NASA.

Keep blasting rocketeers!

Game Info:

  • Platforms: PC
  • Genres: Multiplayer, Arena
  • Price: 12.99
  • Release Date: 05/01/2015
  • Publisher: Radial Games
  • Developer: Radial Games
  • Site:
  • Notable Awards:
    • SXSW 2015 Official Selection
    • IndieCade 2014 Official Selection
    • Editor’s Choice Award at PAX Prime 2014 from Destructoid
    • Golden Sushi of Sophistication – PAX Prime 2014
    • Georgia Straight Best of Vancouver 2014
    • MIX Showcase at SIGGRAPH 2014

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