The Indie Game Riot Podcast! – Ep. 49 (Interview with Matt Canj): ROCKETS ROCKETS ROCKETS | Basement | Ready Steady Bang

IGR 49

It is with a sad heart that we must tell everyone that episode 49 of The Indie Game Riot Podcast will be lost forever. Due to unknown and unforeseen circumstances, the episode file was corrupted and no backup was to be found. Episode 49 shall live on in only the memories of those present at the live show.

With that said, just another reason to try to make it to the live show! Also a reason to support our Patreon so we can have suitable backup recordings and other fail-safes!

While we are currently aiming for all games featured to have articles on the site as well, we feel that it’s the least we can do to give the games and our guest from Indie Game Stand, Matt Canj, the support and exposure as much as we possibly can. You can find the various articles and links below:

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