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Discolsure: Matt Canj from Indie Game Stand was featured on episode 49 of our podcast. We are not being compensated in any way for his appearance on our show or this article. UPDATE: IndieGameStand has since offered an affiliate link to Indie Game Riot.

Here at IGR, we have a mission statement that, in shorter terms, says the indie game community will always come first. When we talked to Matt Canj from Indie Game Stand, we immediately knew that their values aligned with our own.

The first thing that stood out was Matt’s extreme enthusiasm for supporting the developers. Not only does the (small) team spend time, energy and other resources promoting the games they feature, but the cut given to the game devs are larger than almost any other digital game retailer. Every time you purchase a game from IGS, 70% of the net profit is given to the developer. of course, if you are a developer reading this article, your first thought may be sign me up! Not so fast. Another way they make sure the indie game community continues to be one of the best in the world, is by heavily curating all games they distribute.

As games continue to roll into their inboxes, the staff checks every game and decide if the game is complete and at a high bar of quality. This way, gamers looking to buy will not have to wade through Early Access-like muck and will not have to worry about whether or not they would be getting a complete game for their money.

While they have a normal digital store front to buy indie games, they also have a deal every 96 hours where gamers can pay what they want for the chosen game. A portion of the game even goes to a charity of the developer’s choice. Those who purchase also get a bonus game! If you are someone who finds this way of purchasing games enjoyable, IGS has an Elite Membership program where gamers can pay a subscription that gives them seven or more handpicked games every month, 20% off everything in the IGS game store and a 40% off coupon for their personal merch store.

Honestly, we are not sure if there’s any way that anyone can lose purchasing from IGS. If you are looking to support the indie game community just like this, head on over and take a gander at the awesome collection of games!

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