Indie Game Riot Turns One Year Old

IGR 1 year


It may not seem like much, but when you stop to think about it, the majority of podcasts do not last more than a few months, let alone a full year. If you have somehow gotten to this point without figuring out why I’m talking about this, Indie Game Riot is turning one year old on May 5th!

Looking back at the very first episode we released on May 5th, 2014, we have come such a long way. We started as an audio only (no webcams) podcast that was hosted on Youtube. After attending IndiE3 and having a panel there where we interviewed the CEO of The Indie Box, interviewing amazing developers and bringing fantastic guests on the show, and attending conventions like MAGFest and IndieCade, we have become an entity on the web that is respected by those who know us and have garnered a loyal fan base. Oh, we also have a freakin’ website!

While our presence on the web may still be small compared to the larger gaming media sites out there, our impact packs a quality that not many others can match. Not many other gaming press entities can boast the tight relationship that we continue to have and hold tight to. We have made it a point to bring positivity to the indie game community while so many others attempt to tear people and projects down for their own advancement. We, of course, believe that there is a place for criticism, but not enough people on the press side of things attempt to reflect the supportive attitude that has become one of the main associations of the indie game community. We do this by providing feedback to developers who ask for it, write objective articles about many indie games that come across our paths, curating only what we think are the best indie games of the week for each show we record, giving out our (soon to be coveted) Riot of the Year award, and generally doing all we can to support indie developers, gamers and the community as a whole. Hopefully, with the help of our Patreon and our audience that dutifully tune in every week to listen to or watch our show, we will be able to implement the plans we have to have a much larger positive impact in indie games and become a hub for this community.

On a more personal note, I (Josh) have to say that IGR is absolutely my passion. This show and the site have given me something to continually look forward to. It has given me something to stand behind and be proud of and as my kids grow older, they will be hopefully be able to look at what we have all done to grow this site and say “Wow! I’m proud of what my Dad does.” and I will be able to support them by doing something I deeply care about and love. It gives me hope that I will be able to one day put my full effort behind this and make it the best indie game hub on the web.

Up to this point and for all that we have become so far, I need to thank my wife for standing beside me. She puts up with my late nights, my crankiness when I am sleep deprived, picking me up when I am feeling discouraged, and taking care of our sometimes fussy or hyper children when I need to do something for the show or site. If any of you have not experienced attempting to do something you are incredibly passionate about while raising a family and working a day job to keep afloat, just believe me when I say, it is hard and that it is often more difficult for those supporting you.

I also need to thank Rev and Tek for all they have done for IGR. It is not every day that you can find people who are willing to throw their time and energy into something without much (if any) compensation. Being that we are so new, any income made from the show or site goes right back into it. Not a dime sees our pockets. Yet, both Rev and Tek have done whatever they could within their power to be there almost every week to do the show, helping build the site, going to cons, writing articles and generally doing what they can to promote IGR. While I have only met Tek once in the real world and never having physically met Rev (although this will hopefully change this June!), I have to say that I feel like I could basically treat you both as family. Here’s to many more years of IGR and here’s to both of you.

However, the most thanks I have to give has to go to all of you. To those of you reading this post. To those of you watching our recorded episodes or hanging with us during the live show. To those of you who have taken the time to spread the word about IGR and our mission. While IGR would be fun for us to do no matter what, it certainly would not be where it is today without any of you and it definitely will not grow without your continued support. Thank you all so very much.

With our 2nd year soon to be underway, we have a ton to look forward to! Even more interviews with some of the most talented indie game developers, guests from the indie game community, new ideas for the show, (hopefully, pending funding) more features added to the site and show, more convention attendance including our panel at Too Many Games, and much more! Keep an ear out, stay excited about indie games and IGR and stay up to date on the various social media sites. Don’t be afraid to say hi!

With that, hope to see you all during our celebratory livestream and live show, and again, thank you all for everything you do to help IGR and this community.

-Josh & the IGR Team

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