I Am Bread – Making You Rage Quit Carbs for Fun

Written by Richard Vera

I am bread

Indie games are awesome. In what other media can you say, “I want to be a piece of bread on its quest to become toast” and actually get a game out of it?

From the minds that brought us Surgeon Simulator (Bossa Studios), we have I am Bread, a game all about a piece of bread on its epic journey to become toast. Each level of the game starts with a psychiatrist’s notes regarding sessions with “Mr. Murton”, the owner of the house where the game take place. The level starts, and you are a simple slice of bread stuck with the rest of the loaf. Using either the 1, 2, 3, 4 buttons and the mouse, or your trigger buttons and thumb sticks on your gamepad, you control each corner of your slice and move around. You need to make your way across the room and find some way to toast yourself. However, it’s not always as obvious as you would think. In the first level they give you a toaster, but by the third level you’re trying to wrangle your piece of toast onto a hot iron, or in between a hair straightener.

You are rated on two major points… edibility, and time. Edibility always starts at 100%, but will decrease as you touch unsanitary things like the floor or the ants on the counter. While there is no time limit to complete a level, the longer it takes to make toast, the lower your score gets. There is a bonus “Tastiness” stat that can boost your score should you really need it. After making yourself into toast, you may end the level at any time, but if you so choose, you may explore the level and add extra features to your bread like jam, butter and sometimes even toothpaste.

This game is not for the impatient nor the gamer who can’t handle failure. You will fail, and sometimes it will break your heart. However, if you can make it past the difficult controls and the interesting level layouts, you get an amazing sense of accomplishment.

Currently in Steam Early Access, there are five stages available, and a new “Cheese Hunt” mode that has just opened up, making for at least a few extra hours of fun and frustration.

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