Junklatch – Taking Your Games the Distance



Junklatch is a service provided by Chris Dwyer that helps developers who cannot make it to certain events, exhibit their games for a nominal fee. For example, Chris was recently on site at IndieCade East in New York City showing off four games: Burrito Galaxy 65Delver’s DropPioneers, and RK3000. He stood in place of the developers who could not make it to the event for whatever reason and completely set-up, displayed and gave information about each game.

Indie Game Riot had the chance to speak with Chris about the service in depth while at IndieCade East. It seems that contrary to the service’s name, the games that latch themselves to it are anything but junk. As this even was the first outing for Chris, we asked him how he goes about finding games to show off. He told us that having experience in game publishing has given him connections to various developers whom he reached out to in order to help them show off their work where they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

It doesn’t seem like Junklatch will display just any game that comes its way, however. We asked Chris if there would be some sort of curating behind the games being shown. He told us that currently the games have close ties to him via his publishing connections, but mostly he wants to just show off games that he believes in. He also told us that Junklatch’s main goal is to help out indie developers as much as possible by allowing them to be shown to the public at minimal cost. As most of our readers know, we at IGR appreciate this kind of attitude more than anything else and we expect Junklatch and Chris Dwyer to only strengthen the indie game community with this service.

If you are interested in their services, you can visit their website and email them for additional information as everything seems to be on a case-by-case basis.

Clarification: This is only one of Junklatch’s services. The company classifies itself as an indie support company which also provides marketing, PR, web/branding, legal help and distribution support.

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