The Indie Game Riot Podcast! – Ep. 32: Elegy For A Dead World | Frontiers | Choke Point

This episode on The Indie Game Riot Podcast we talk about:
– “POP: ME1” is now available on Steam (0:04:36)
– “Hatred” is pulled from Steam then reinstated (0:05:13)
– Apple allows uncensored version of “Papers, Please” on the AppStore (0:10:02)
– Notch buys a $70 Million mansion (0:11:32)
– Slender stabbing girls update (0:14:38)
– “That Dragon, Cancer” is fully funded on Kickstarter (0:16:48)
– Discussion Point: Games as a way to explore human experience (0:16:48)
– “Elegy For A Dead World” which helps you become a better writer (0:29:53)
– A game taking inspiration from the classic “Daggerfall” called “Frontiers” (0:42:00)
– A free multiplayer platform brawler by Evil-Dog called “Choke Point” (0:51:03)

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– POP: ME1:
– Hatred:
– Papers, Please:
– Notch’s Mansion:
– Slender Stabbing update:
– That Dragon, Cancer:
– Elegy For A Dead World:
– Frontiers:
– Choke Point:

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