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Through all of the subscription box services that seem to have cropped up over the past few years, few have gave us a reason to pay attention. One, however, shines with the sincerity and legitimacy of a company that wants to really support indie games and the developers that create them.

The Indie Box, takes you back to the good old days of buying a physical copy of a game complete with an old-school manual and a box packed full of extras. Their first featured game, Teslagrad, came with the physical game (in the form of a custom USB cartridge), game manual, the full soundtrack with bonus songs, a poster, themed buttons, papercraft of the “Teslamancer” from CubeeCrafta bonus copy of the developer’s upcoming indie game Crawl, and a themed Indie Box sticker. Every box also comes with a Steam key not to mention the amazing custom art for each box.

Each one of the boxes since have only improved upon the last. From Luftrausers, which included a sturdy copper-plated zinc alloy combat medal to an exclusive special edition of Double Fine’s Brutal Legend with a custom guitar pick. Their most recent box featured Steamworld Dig with next month’s game being Rogue Legacy.

You can purchase a subscription to the service for one, three and six months. A one month subscription costs $19.99 plus shipping though there is a coupon code you can use every month to save 10%. At this time, there have been a total of seven boxes released which can be bought individually for $24.99.

At the time of writing this article, the company is holding a 36 hour long live stream event on with gameplay of various indie games, some of which include appearances by the game’s developer and a subscription link that will send a portion of the proceeds to said developer. The event will end at 12AM EST on December 19th.

If you’d like to sign up, visit this link to help support The Indie Box and The Indie Game Riot!

Check out Indie Game Riot’s interview with The Indie Box CEO, James Morgan during the IndiE3 online convention:

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