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queen of code

It’s fairly well known that females have not had the same opportunities or have been as empowered within the game development industry. In the United Kingdom, 49% of gamers are female, yet they only comprise 12% of the development industry according to Jaspal Sohal, head of Creative England. Over the past few years and especially with the recent events regarding GamerGate, awareness of the issue has picked up, but only a few have taken matters into their own hands to rectify the situation.

Queen of Code is a program, run by Creative England and Crowdfunder, that aims to find females looking to break into the industry, but may need some financial help to do so. Women who live in England and may be interested in benefiting must have their game development project uploaded to Crowdfunder with a £2K minimum goal. Those who participate will also have free coaching for their campaigns to help reach their goal. The campaigns entered will end on the 22nd of December and the top five who have the most backers will receive an additional £3K from Creative England.

The games featured in the Queen of Code program display high levels of professionalism and talent. Anyone with extra cash, a generous spirit and who wants to see the advancement of women in the gaming industry should absolutely head to the Crowdfunder site below to support their favorites.

Queen of Code website: http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/competitions

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  1. KaiZ at 11:08 pm

    This would be pretty cool, as I think female devs could give another, different perspective on the gaming industry as far as development goes.

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