Knytt Stories – Where Will Your Story Take You?


In the world of gaming, there’s not much better than a game that can give your hours upon hour of playtime… for free. Knytt Stories was created by the well known, yet under appreciated “Nifflas” who has a long resume of sharing wonderful free games. This followup to Knytt allows players to explore worlds created by Nifflas, other Knytt Stories players or even your own created worlds.

when first playing the game, much of the world will most likely be unavailable to you until you find a way to pick up an upgrade that will help you make your way to another area previously blocked due to various obstacles. In Nifflas’ game in particular, you must find a way to get to “the machine”, which is sucking the life out of the world, and stop it. However, your adventure doesn’t stop there as there are expansions to this story as well has countless user-made levels. Just another example of how opening games up to modding allows games to explode to unbelievable proportions.

Featured in Ep. 3: “Free Fun”

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