Among The Sleep – The World Through the Eyes of a Child

among the sleep

The world through the eyes of a child is most likely filled with wonder and imagination. In Among The Sleep, players are thrust into that world by taking the role of a toddler accompanied by his teddy bear companion.

The game begins peacefully, until your crib is abruptly tipped over. Sprawled on the floor, you hazily look around and your first instinct is to find your mommy. As you wander the house, crawling and waddling around towering furniture, you sense a presence that makes you uneasy. With mommy nowhere to be found, something seems to be stalking you. Running away, you soon find yourself crawling through a portal to a place unknown.

Other than the incredibly creepy atmosphere and well produced audio, the game makes players feel uneasy, to say the least, by placing you in control of the toddler protagonist which essentially makes you responsible for his safety. Not only his physical safety, but to protect his innocence as the horror of the game world closes in. Helpless in more ways than any other horror protagonist ever seen, you will need to guide him through the strange and often terrifying worlds with only a teddy bear to comfort him. Could this be a dream, a child’s overactive imagination or will he actually parish if you fail?

Featured in Ep. 3: “Peep Show”

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