Dreadout – An Indonesian Nightmare


Dreadout is like every Asian-inspired horror movie rolled into Fatal Frame. If that makes you want to crap your pants, then the counter intuitively named developer, Digital Happiness will be, well… happy! Take control of Linda, who has traveled to an decrepit town with her classmates on a field trip. After they wonder off from the planned activities, they soon find themselves trapped in the town after dark. They soon realize sinister forces are present and it is up to Linda to discover what is actually happening.

The game’s main mechanic seems to be very inspired by Fatal Frame‘s camera mechanic. In this case, players use Linda’s cellphone to record any mysterious and supernatural occurrences that she would otherwise not see. Can you help Linda find a way out or will you Dreadout… whatever that means.

Featured in Ep. 3: “Starting the Riot!”

Game info:

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