Papo & Yo – Very Imaginative. Very Real.


Sometimes games transcend mere entertainment. A lot of times it’s great to just sit down and escape into something fantastical, but Papo & Yo shares an interactive glimpse into something real: the life of someone who deals with abuse and addiction in their lives. Even with all of the game’s dream-like beauty, the message his grounded in an unfortunate reality.

Players are thrust into the shoes of Quico, a boy who escapes his real life nightmares by slipping into his fantasy world of moving buildings and lively graffiti and sharing his journey with his robot friend, Lula, as well as Monster who has a dangerous addiction. Players will need to solve puzzles and platform their way through the game as the boy’s life, and the game’s message begins to unfold faster and faster. Beautiful, emotional and passionate… this game is one to buy for those who play for an experience.

Check out Papo & Yo‘s feature on The Indie Game Riot Podcast!

Game info:

  • Platform(s): Playstation, PC, Mac, Linux
  • Genre(s): Adventure, Puzzler
  • Price: 14.99
  • Publisher: Minority
  • Developer: Minority
  • Site:
  • Notable Awards:
    • Brazilian International Game (BIG) Festival 2012 – Best Narrative Award; Audience Award
    • PSN Stores Editor Choice Award 2012
    • Independent Games Festival 2013 – Excellence in Narrative – Honorable Mention
    • Bitmob‘s E3 2011 Non-Award Awards: The “This Is Kind of Upsetting” Non-Award Award
    • GamePro – E3 2011 Best of E3 Awards: Best Puzzle Game
    • Gamer Theory Media – Best of E3 2011 Awards: Best Download Only Game
    • GameSpot – Best Games of E3 2011 – Best Adventure Game
    • GameSpot – Best Games of E3 2011 – Best Downloadable Game
    • IGN – Best of E3 Awards 2011 – Best Puzzle Game of E3
    • Indie Games Mag – Best Indie Games of E3 2011
    • The Same Coin – Game of the Year 2012

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