Dark Deception – The Most Horrific PacMan You’ll Ever Experience

dark deception

If you’ve ever played PacMan and thought to yourself, “Gee, you know what this game could use? Death and gore hastily dished out by psychotic monkeys!”, developer Glowstick Games has you covered with Dark Deception. The game is currently in its alpha stages, but already promises plenty of heart complications and even teases at a story, unlockables and secrets. In its current build you drop into a maze-like hotel filled with glowing crystals and nightmare inducing killer monkeys. Your job is to collect all of the crystals without being caught all the while being chastised by an older woman’s voice. Not only does this game use audio to make you feel like the enemies are constantly breathing down your neck, but with the twists and turns as well as the speed at which the game moves, jump scares are sure to happen as the stabby-monkeys pop around the hotel’s sharp corners. By the way, the game is Oculus Rift supported… bring a change of underwear.

Featured in Ep. 1: “Peep Show”

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