Celestial Impact – A Free Multiplayer First-person Space Shooter

celestial impact

Celestial Impact is an extremely ambitious multiplayer-only first person shooter. The game maps take place in space, often on rocky, asteroid-like planets. Players have the chance to use futuristic weapons including one gun that feature’s the games most creative mechanic: terraforming. While blasting lasers and dodging explosions, the player can actually manipulate the map to create tunnels, raise walls or destroy them, adding a depth to a first-person shooter unexpected to be seen in a free game.

Featured on Ep. 1: “Free Fun”

Game info:

  • Platoform(s): PC, Linux
  • Genre(s): FPS
  • Price: Free
  • Publisher: Henning Tegen
  • Developer: Henning Tegen
  • Site: http://www.celestialimpact.com/
  • Notable Awards: None

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