Vampires attempt to hit Kickstarter with Blood Sucking Controller; Stopped in Their Tracks.


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Okay, not literal vampires, but the team working on “Blood Sport” do want your blood, and if you are bad at gaming, they will be taking a lot of it. The purposed technology being talked about on their kickstarter seems relatively simple. The rumble function of a controller is wired into a computer that will trigger a pump to take your blood when it is activated. A medical professional would be on hand to monitor the event, and programing in the device itself will shut off the pump before it kills you based on your hight and weight and other medical stuff the common gamer may not understand.

There are two big issues looming over this project, and neither are their funding; they are at almost $4,000 Cad as of the writing of this article with over a month to go, but more on that later. For anyone who has donated blood, been administered and IV, or just had a needle in their arm for an extended amount of time, it is not a pleasant experience to sit there, but then you are expected to perform fine muscle movements with a controller, and the situation gets tricky. Moving, shooting, jumping, especially under stress, may cause issue with the device working, or the comfort of the user, but the comfort of the user is not the intention of this device.


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There is good (And a lot of it) that could come from this. The team’s intention is to bring “Blood Sport” to the whole of Canada’s blood donation centers, and allow participants to be “…part of blood donation gaming events”. This good, however, may not be brought the same way they had hoped. On November 24th,  Kickstarter suspended the campaign for Blood Sport quietly that morning. Kickstarter has not released why they suspended the kickstarter, as per their policies, but we will all wait and see if this takes off, falls short, or really was a front for Canadian vampires to feed themselves.

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