Poncho Devs Picked up by Publisher; Set Sights on Playstation


 In an update to their website, Poncho developer Dan Hays broke the silence of the team, one month after failing to reach their goal on kickstarter. The verdict? Poncho is, as everyone at Indie Game Riot wished, is still under development with funding from a publisher. Although they did not disclose the details of the publisher, they did say in their update that they have worked with them in the past, and that the Poncho team still has full creative control over the project.

     So what has the team at Delve Interactive been up to this last month of media silence? On the smaller side, they added more  variety of little critters to the world, and improved their AI, stating:“It’s really important to us that this world feels as alive as possible, and to do that we believe we need lots and lots of things flying and scuttling about.”  They plan on releasing pictures of the new fuzzy and flying creatures in following updates. But don’t think all the while they have been petting wild kittys. They have also updated the gameplay of the game to better suit more players. The distance of the planes has been increased to help differentiate between them and they  implemented color coding for the individual planes to help players remember where they are in relation to the planes. The team also pulled the difficulty back by changing the behavior of the moving platforms, but compensated by adding a new gameplay mechanic, moving wall switches.


And because they love their fans, Delve Interactive have secured enough funding to make poncho available for the Playstation 4, and the Vita, which in their words, “…is just awesome.” They have also gotten through Steam Greenlight, another major hurtle in their quest to release this awesome little platformer. The future is looking bright for this “Peep Show” veteran, and we can’t wait for more updates, and more game time with Poncho.

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